Fem myter om konsumentbeteende

Paul Allen Smethers and Alastair France har skrivit boken Amazon.com: Five Myths of Consumer Behavior: Create Technology Products that Consumer Will Love och deras fem myter om konsumenters beteenden är viktiga att tänka på:

Myth 1: Consumers behave the same in all markets
Reality: Consumers behave differently in new markets than in established markets

Myth 2: The more consumers see it, the more successful it will be
Reality: If the offspring isn’t attractive, there is no sense getting more users to see it

Myth 3: If I’ll use it, my users will
Reality: Consumers don’t have your knowledge or your motivation when they try your product

Myth 4: Consumers will find a product’s value
Reality: The value must find the user

Myth 5: Consumers want more features
Reality: Consumers only want a few key features, and they want them to work well

(Creative Generalist)

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