Sir Martin önskar bort kreatörerna

Se och hör Sir Martin Sorrell – WPP:s starke man berätta om hur han helst skulle se reklambyråerna fungera – utan kreatörerna…

“It’s the world’s very first fully-automated creative department. Account planners simply stuff their briefs into its backside — on the left where the wires are — and within seconds multimedia, fully integrated award-winning ads come fizzing out the front at 35 kilometers per hour.”

(The Hidden Persuader)

Han förnekar sig inte.

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2 thoughts on “Sir Martin önskar bort kreatörerna

  1. Kurre

    Var inte det menade som en ironisk kommentar?

    New York Post

    WPP’S Sorrell Mocks Advertising “Creatives”
    by Holly M. Sanders

    Sir Martin Sorrell, the head honcho of ad giant WPP Group, isn’t above mocking himself or the entire industry, for that matter.

    Sorrell parodied pretty much everyone in the business – from overly sensitive “creatives” to penny-pinching clients – during his address yesterday at the 53rd Annual International Advertising Festival in Cannes.

    Sorrell, who is considered one of the most polarizing and intense figures in advertising, had his fellow ad execs howling at a speech that marked a rare departure from his usually serious demeanor.

    “How much easier would this business be to run without the creatives?” he said in mock seriousness, referring to the people who dream up campaigns but suffer from reputations as prima donnas.

    Sorrell also poked fun at the agencies that bemoan how large clients are putting the squeeze on them to cut costs.
    “Just because they’re bigger than we are, who the hell do they think they are?” he said.

    Even his own board, which he jokingly objected to for instituting corporate governance practice and appointing women, didn’t escape unscathed. “Would you like to know my ideal board?” Sorrell asked. “Poodles.”

  2. Admin Researcher Post author

    Problemet är väl att det i ironin finns ganska mycket sanning när det kommer till Sir Martin S… Han är knappast världens mest omtyckte i reklambranschen.

    Å andra sidan kan jag själv uttrycka liknande kommentarer då och då – men då i frustration över kreatörer som inte läser den kreativa briefen eller lyssnar på sin planner ;)

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