Ditt varumärke är du

Tonise Paul, VD för Energy BBDO pratar om det personliga varumärket. Det är knappast några nyheter men väl sammanställt:

Personal branding is the shaping and management over time of what a person stands for and how they express that in what they do and say. It’s about developing a good sense of who you are and being true to it. […] The way to go about “living your brand” is to uncover what you do best and what’s most important to you. Those two things are the primary guideposts for building a strong personal brand. As for wearing shocking pink, if you’re passionate about pink and it’s a genuine reflection of you and what you want to express to the world, it works. The key is authenticity. […]My mother’s brand was very well defined, although she never said it: Faith, family and veal cutlets (she was an amazing cook). This reflected who she was, how she spent her time and what gave her fulfillment in life.

(TCW Magazine)

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