Louis Vuitton kör gerilla

High-endväskproducenterna Louis Vuitton har börjat med gerillakampanjer. LawMeme berättar om hur ett antal Yale-studenter ritat Vuitton-märken på stora delar av Yales campus. På gatan har de använt gatukritor. Studenterna hade T-shirts med “Save Louis”. Rebecca Bolin frågade en av studenterna om det hela:

“I asked if this was really a campaign to save the European luxury brand.Me: (sounding concerned) Is it really going under?
Two Students: (laughing smugly) No No. Of course not.
Me: So you’re getting paid?
Student 1: Not really.
Student 2: No, this is a creative campaign across the country at all kinds of schools to raise awareness.

Raise awareness? What a great buzzword for guerilla advertising. These students were raising awareness of a brand that has continually skyrocketing profits, and for free! Brilliant plan, Louis; I have to give you that. The Yale group’s creative plan was to have Vuitton manufacture (quite nice) custom stencils so they could paint the most prominent public area at this non-profit institution with the Louis Vuitton® print.”

Knappast speciellt lysande tilltag. Eller en märklig anti-reklam-ironisk kampanj… (via texturl och mymarkup.net)

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3 thoughts on “Louis Vuitton kör gerilla

  1. lord Fredruk.

    Vuitton är allt en riktig lallare. Var fan är relevansen? Och varför på skolgårdar? Save Louis? Detta stärker bara min uppfattning: Fuck Louis.

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