Goodby om “Got Milk?”

I en intervju berättar Jeff Goodby hur idéerna för kampanjen “Got Milk?” kom till honom.

A couple of years later, we did the campaign for the California Milk Processors Board. We started looking at milk from a lot of different angles, but one day in a focus group a woman said, “The only time I notice milk is when I run out of it.” So we decided to focus on making people paranoid about running out of milk. The idea was to tell stories in which milk was the missing element, and I thought the words “Got milk?” would be a good punch line at the end. I think the reason that line works is because it strips away everything extraneous. What also made it popular was that other people could rip off the phrase for their own purposes. I knew this campaign had gone mainstream when I was driving around and saw a video store sign that said, “Got porn?”

Resten av intervjun handlar mycket om Goodby, Silverstein & Partners och att välja att bli uppköpt av Omnicom Group.

Bilden är inte från originalidén. Gå till Ad-rag för att se originalbilderna.

( // Tipstack Claymore via Ad-rag)

Här finns en massa mer “Got Milk?”: Why

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