Mer än att kränga hudkräm

En intressant kommentar runt Doves kampanj med “Real Women”.

Maybe it is somehow inevitable that marketing, which caused much of the underlying anxiety in the first place, can offer up a point of view that blithely tries to resolve that anxiety. Moreover, as the entertainment side of the media fragments, marketing becomes the one form of communication that permeates everywhere — and is just as effective whether you’ve actually seen the campaign or you simply have an opinion about it based on what you’ve heard.

Nu är det snart två år sedan som Dove startade sin real beauty-kampanj och onekligen handlar det mer om att ompositionera marknadsföringen som sådan än om att kränga mer hudlotion. Snarare har det startat en liten trend på marknaden – och kanske skapat en ny hype att använda en annan sorts modeller. (New York Times)

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