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Q: What is the difference between a trend and a fad?

Faith Popcorn: A trend is longer; it lasts about 10 years. A fad is shorter; it can last about 18 months. Often a fad will indicate a trend, but a fad isn’t something to invest a lot of money in.

Q: How are some of the trends you’ve spotted over the years influencing the way we live at home?

Faith Popcorn: Well, of course, cocooning is a major one. We’re going to run everything from our homes. The most interesting thing that’s happened in the cocooning trend is that the home has become an armoured cocoon, so you see alarm systems and gated communities and people really hiding at home. The other thing is that they don’t even want to work outside the home, so a lot of them are working at home, especially women.

Q: Your new book is called Eveolution: The Eight Truths of Marketing to Women. What exactly does “eveolution” mean?

Faith Popcorn: Eveolution means that women are as different “shopologically” as they are biologically from men. Eveolution sets out to describe eight truths of capturing the female market, saying that companies have to talk to women differently and behave differently. For instance, when [kids] see [their mothers use a] brand, they tend to buy the same brand when they have children.

(A conversation with Faith Popcorn)

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