Toppdomänernas saga all

ICANN räknar med att rösta igenom en fullständig revolution när det gäller domännamnen – helt enkelt att det strikta toppdomänsnurrandet försvinner:

Under the new plans hundreds of new domain names could be created by the end of the year, rising to thousands in the future.

Individuals will be able to register a domain based on their own name, or any other string of letters, as long as they can show a “business plan and technical capacity”.
Companies will also be able to bid for addresses based on their brand names, although some believe they maybe faced with too much choice.
“Does Tesco want .supermarket or .groceries?” said Graham Hales, of branding consultancy Interbrand.
“Or maybe it wants .value or .everylittlehelps. The choice is endless.”

Internet förändras radikalt – både inuti och utanpå.

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