Tisdagar ägs av The Big Taco Co

Om ditt varumärke innehåller ett namn på en dag – kan du sedan gå runt och försöka skydda det? Antagligen inte i Sverige men i USA är allt möjligt.

Taco John’s Seasonings LP of Cheyenne, Wyoming has sent a nasty cease-and-desist letter to Duluth-based Grandma’s Restaurant Co. for using the phrase “Taco Tuesdays,” which Taco John’s holds the trademark for.
To comply with these voracious lawyers, Grandma’s is thinking of changing its promotion to “Tuesday it’s tacos” or “Tacos the day before Wednesday.” Grandmas taco has bigger marketing problems than this, however, and we can only hope they don’t allow cameras in the courtroom.

(A Hundred Monkeys)

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