Etniska divergenser

Företag inom teknologisfären har insett att det är nödvändigt att börja att nischa sig gentemot andra grupper än den ordinära nörden.

“Women, youth and ethnic groups are today’s marketing targets when it comes to selling computers, digital toys and cellphones. ‘The need to be more segmented has become a necessity for marketers,’ said Karim Salabi, director of market and customer management solutions for cellphone service provider Microcell…’we found the word of mouth is the most powerful medium in ethnic groups’…'”You need to understand each ethnic community you deal with.” Chinese, for example like to switch to the newest phone model every year’…’Companies and organizations are finding that the more targeted approach that you take, the better return that you get for your marketing dollar,’ said Pam Aung Thin, senior VP of technology practice with Hill and Knowlton Canada.” (

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