“When two tribes go to war”

If the print media were an ancient civilization, it would be the Gauls, getting pummeled into souffle by Caesar’s legions. If it were a basketball team, it would be those patsies that always get clobbered by the Harlem Globetrotters by 100 points. And if print were a man, it would be Lou Costello, getting slapped around by a taller, better-looking guy who always got the girl.

The Romans, the Globetrotters and, hey, Abbott would, of course, be broadcast television. […]

Forget about Power Point presentations, coffee cup premiums and tickets to the ballgame. Let’s see the media haul out the heavy artillery and have at each other. Because that’s what it is, after all. A war. It’s not just business…Of course, what they all ought to do is band together and smash the living daylights out of every computer in the country.
Because if there is a total war, online may be the only medium left standing when the dust clears.

(Ad Week – kolumn av Jack Feuer)

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