Most Hated Advertising Techniques = effektiva

Det här är rätt kul:

    Develop your message with absolutely no conceptual idea. You think: “Let’s just wing it. We’ll try a bunch of tips and tricks I read in a blog.

  • The boss won’t see the ad anyway, so why bother developing a strategy and spending time articulating it in a meaningful manner? We can always change it on the fly.”
    How did you get your job? Creating any advertising without forethought is like inviting a complete stranger into your home, letting him throw up on the rug, then trying to ignore the smell.
  • Load the ad with lots of really annoying flashing colors. You think: “Those are so pretty. They just make people so happy. I bet people will click on the ads because the colors will catch their eye.”
    More like, they make most people sick. This technique comes from the same folks who enjoy sticking a flashlight in your face after dark or staring at pinwheels close up for hours. At least think of the users with visual impairments and exercise some mercy here.
  • Cram as many words as possible into a small space. You think: “We better get the client’s money’s worth. We’re pretty sure people will lean in to read the copy.”
    Yikes! Here’s a test. Try printing your ad, and flash it in front of the building janitor for two seconds. If he gets the message, then, by golly, run with it.
  • Use abbreviations and code words to slam even more words in there. You think: “By filling our ad with three-letter acronyms and clever shorthand, people will be eager to decipher the meaning and buy our stuff.”
    R U NTS? Was that a fun use of your time? Lavish abbreviation use is the lazy man’s approach to good copywriting. If you can’t be succinct, take a crack at romance novels. (One exception: ads for SMS, a step in civilization’s downfall. Do people converse that way for real?)
  • Let’s not bother with a clear call to action. You think: “Surely people will take in our clever ad, and click anywhere to learn more.”

(Why I Love Online Badvertising)

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