Cykla inte vilse

Är du ute och cyklar? ClickZ har gjort en bra genomgång över de olika cyklerna som vi måste ha koll på:

# Product Lifecycle A manufacturer mails offers for consumable accessories that are tied to the lifecycle of the products. This product lifecycle approach can apply to warranties and contract expirations. One savvy wireless carrier e-mails its lapsed clients after 11 months, knowing they will likely be in market for a new cell plan based on the common 12-month agreement.

# Market Lifecycle As consumers, we find ourselves swimming against the tide of market lifecycle. Mortgages are a good example of mailing to a customer at requested intervals, such as when rates change, and doing this for only a period 45 to 60 days, knowing the consumer is in market only for a short timeframe. Travel is another category most consumers tend to buy in a market lifecycle manner, such as winter vacation, summer vacation, etc.

# Broken Lifecycle Look for clues in customer behavior when a lifecycle is broken or beginning. For example, some retailers and manufacturers remove customers from e-mail marketing offers when the customer has called for product support. These merchants replace the more offer-rich content with softer informational newsletter content.

(ClickZ Experts on Intellectual Capital Strategies)

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