Kottlers 5a

I en CNN-artikel låter man Kotler lägga ut texten om de fem viktigaste framgångsdelarna för att lyckas med sin marknadsföring. Det är visserligen knappast annat än grundkurs för oss som jobbar med det varje dag men det är (som alltid) bra att påminnas om grunderna:

  1. Come in under the radar
    The key to brand-building is to have something good that you roll-out in a very intelligent way. Maybe even invisibly for a while because you want to be under the radar screen of competitors.
  2. Know your customer
    Define the target market carefully through segmentation and then really position yourself as different and as superior to that target market.
  3. Own your branding
    think of owning a word or a phrase that helps to build customer retention and loyalty.
  4. Stay ahead of the competition
    Markets change, so marketing has to change.
  5. There’s a big movement to say, ‘we’re not just adding services to our business and our product, we’re actually trying to design an experience.’ You’ll see that language being used. We’re in the experience design business.

(CNN.com via Adverblog)

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