Ibland blir det inte rätt…

Mymarkup-Erik har hittat Procter & Gambles varumärkesblog Sparkle Body Spray och påpekar det roliga i att

“…35-åriga PR-människor ska skriva som 13-åringar (lite som när Lunarstorm skulle vara nere med kidsen).”

Och sannerligen så är det rejält fånigt:

“i was sitting there doing nuthin’ b/c the town was so dead last night, when…BLAM! i got this kickin’ idea to find out what the internet thinks about sparkle body spray! so i did what any girl would do…i googled us!! check it out…here’s one, that calls us a “fun fragrance thrill.” nice. or this one that says we’re the “perfect scents.” thanks for the props, ladies. believe me, we’re totally diggin’ your vibe and luuuuv to hear stuff like this. gimme a shout if you’ve been talking about us on your site and i missed you…”.


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