Sanningar om marknadsföring

Adlova på Adlist har skrivit 22 odiskutabla lagar om marknadsföring:

1. Clients get what they deserve.
2. Never trust a man who says, ‘I have a fantastic idea’.
3. The mortality rate of an idea is a function of the authorship. If the idea is a brainchild of the big boss, it attains immortality. It it’s from a lesser mortal, then rest in peace.
4. The font size of the copy is a function of the ad spends of a client. Bigger the ad spends, larger the font size.
5. Behind every celebrity endorsement deal is a brand manager living out his childhood fantasy.
6. The length of a job status meeting is directly proportional to the level of joblessness of the big boss.
7. The lifeline of a lousy campaign is a mile longer than a kickass campaign’s.
8. If a client gets a personal call from the creative director, it
must be for using his logo in a scam ad.
9. When you make that one typo in your life, the world notices your ad.
10. If servicing says, ‘pitch went off well’, it means you won’t get
the account. If servicing says, ‘pitch went off very well’, it means you have a slim chance. If servicing says ‘can’t say’, it means you have a fat chance of making it. If servicing says ‘they loved the work’, it means there’ll be a second round.
11. If you present three options, the client will ask for the fourth.
12. If your boss doesn’t make a single change in your PowerPoint presentation, it either means he’s quitting soon or you are on the way out.
13. If nothing seems to go through, make the logo bigger.
14. The length of the subhead is the measure for gauging the painfulness index of a client.
15. When in doubt, think Garamond.
16. If a brand manager offers no credible reason for raising the MRP of a brand, it means only one thing. He’s doing it for his raise.
17. The only copy a client reads is the fine print in the rate card.
18. Inside every underpaid creative guy is a freelancer waiting to come out.
19. The easiest way to end a meeting is to talk about payments.
20. The more the number of emails from your head office, the lesser the chances of promotions.
21. If you want an eye catching commercial, use a dog in your spot. If you want more eyeballs, use a baby. If you want some excitement, use a bimbo. If you want emotion, use a wrinkly oldie. If you run out of ideas, mix and match the above elements.
22. Never underestimate the stupidity of a client.

Mattias har ett ytterligare citat: “Never underestimate the power of a free t-shirt”

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