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“Behavioral targeting is in a stage of transition and evolution. If we apply the product life cycle to behavioral targeting — introduction, growth, maturity, and decline — it’s barely at the mid-point of introduction. Until we come to a unanimous industry decision on the premise and definition of behavioral targeting, we still have a long way to go before knowing whether it’s a genuine stride that will advance the industry to the next level.
From the agency perspective, we are in constant search to discovery the next “big thing” to wow and pitch to the clients. Behavioral targetingis taking the industry by storm again because it has potential to offer advertiser a seemingly perfect panacea in the ever-crowding online space: ubiquitous and relevant advertising to the most targeted audience. Yet we must not forget the fact that, currently, behavioral targeting is in a fledgling state of growth. Considering its fragmented platform, current deficiencies in standardization and reach, and the lack of industry-wide adoption, behavioral targeting hasn’t even hit puberty. There’s much to learn.”

Behaving Badly: Standardization and Reach

“Smart marketers should constantly revise and expand their offerings’ scope with tailored propositions for every target group and their purchasing behavior. […] Behavioral targeting isn’t just a targeting tool. It’s marketing’s new standard.”

(Learning to behave).

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