7 tips för reklamspotar

Laura Ries skriver om reklamen på Super Bowl.

“The question is: Do Super Bowl ads really pay off? The answer is yes and no. There is no doubt that the enormous attention and PR buzz from a successful Super Bowl spot can be helpful. But at a cost of $2.4 million for 30 seconds, is it worth it? For a select few, yes. For most of the others, a definite no.”

Hon ger sju tips för att få tillbaka de dyra reklampengarna:

1. Don’t launch a new product.

2. If your major competitor is advertising, don’t advertise.

3. Be funny, but don’t forget the brand’s message.

4. Create new ads for the game; running last year’s campaign won’t cut it.

5. Try to advertise year after year. Consistency is important.

6. If your brand has no link to fun, football and frat guys, forget it.

7. If no one has ever heard of your brand, don’t advertise.

(The Origin of Brands Blog)

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