Konsten att kommunicera

Listvännen Leslie uttalar sig i Communication Arts om online-marknadsföring:

“Consultant Leslie Burns (www.burnsautoparts.com) adds this thought for the future about Web site marketing, “I think it’s getting harder to get physical books to potential clients because they don’t have the time and they can do a preliminary review of work on a Web site. At the same time, I think the Web runs the risk of ‘dumbing down’ the creative buying process and not by the buyers’ choice, by any means. Rather, so many buyers now are having their bonuses (or in some cases, salaries) tied in with how much money they save their companies that they are really forced to cut costs wherever they can. So not calling in books for review is one way they can save money because they can review Web sites. I know this is extremely frustrating for many creative buyers—they’re really caught between a rock and a hard place.””

(Communication Arts)

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