Kays nycklar till planning

Gareth Kay har varit på US Account Planning conference och sammanfattar dagarna:

brand new: Planning conference Day 1

  • people here are genuinely concerned about their role in their agency and their agency’s role in their client’s business
  • how best to respond to limitless options and ways to engage consumers
  • we need to break down the barriers between departments in agencies – all admit that ideas can come from anyone and anywhere, and are often better when developed together – and develop pieces of ‘communication’ that don’t simply engage consumers but instead invite them to participate.

brand new: Planning conference Day 2

  • Malcolm Gladwell this morning as by all accounts he was excellent. He apparently began by requesting that the Supreme Court ban focus groups, before moving on to talk about some of the cases of where research got it wrong – the Aeron chair, Coke – from ‘Blink’.
  • Mike Hall was then up to give the almost unifying theory of how communications work. It seems great (there was a lot to absorb) and I want to try using it to help demonstrate how truly integrated campaigns (not just visually integrated campaigns) really work.
  • Earl Cox’s comment about how ‘new creativity’ is an awful phrase as creativity by its very nature should be ‘new’.
  • need to realize that ideas are the same as they always should have been – a gift that people want to pass on. It used to be around the watercooler or on a SNL skit; now it’s more people doing it, more quickly and playing with it thanks to the internet. The criteria for a good idea is still pretty much the same.

brand new: Planning conference Day 3

  • a reality check on how America and American brands are percieved overseas – it’s truly frightening.
  • we need to embrace complexity, think more about feelings than words and understand that execution is strategy, is a dramatic change in thinking and behavior not just for many planners, but for many agencies.
  • “Experience is only relevant if you believe the future will be like the past”.

Läs också Tankar om planning: Planningläget i Amerikat.

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