Bra brief = bra reklam

Dåliga briefar skapar bara en sak: dålig reklam. Russel Davies ger ett exempel på hur en brief för marknadsföringen av en parfym kan se ut:

“Basically, it’s ‘We want something for women.’ OK, which women? ‘Women! All women! It should make the feel more feminine, but strong, and competent, but not too much, and should work well in Europe and the US and especially in the Asian market, and it should be new but it should be classic, and young women should love it, but older women should love it, too.’ If it’s a French house, the brief will also say, ‘And it should be a great and uncompromised work of art,’ and if it’s an American brief it will say, ‘And it should smell like that Armani thing two years ago that did four million dollars in the first two months in Europe but also like the Givenchy that sold so well in China.’ “

(via brand new).

Exempel på andra undermåliga briefer är hur Tag Deo i princip snott/lånat hela Axe (Lynx) marknadsföringskoncept: AdLand.

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2 thoughts on “Bra brief = bra reklam

  1. Niclas (admin Researcher) Post author

    Jag försöker hela tiden att hålla den kort, med klar och koncis beskrivning av en strategisk målgrupp.

    Vem, vad, varför, var, (när).

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