Reklam enligt Aristoteles

Att Aristoteles retoriska teorem skulle ha något med reklam att göra är kanske inte det första man tänker på. Men Srinivasan Swamy på indiska RK Swamy BBDO Advertising menar att det just är vad det har: att använda sig av flera tusen års visdom i övertalning kan vara en tillgång för branschen:

1. Exordium or the bait — which is essentially a statement that arouses audience interest, creates goodwill or puts them in a receptive frame of mind. Take Mark Antony’s famous speech: ‘Friends, Romans and countrymen, I’ve come to bury Caeser, not to praise him’. He ended up doing exactly the opposite, but Mark Antony did not start his speech by stating his intent upfront. Had he stated his intentions at the beginning, he probably would not have completed his speech. Instead, he put the audience in a receptive frame of mind by building his speech on points of agreement.
2. Narratio — the factual background wherein you pose the question or the problem that has to be answered. As was posed in this recent TV commercial, which I thought was quite entertaining, but am not sure if the audiences it was meant for feel the same. A frog turns into a prince and says: ‘What knots? What tangles? What rubbish!’
3. Conformatio – where you resolve the issues that have been raised. • Demonstrate the benefits — ‘stubborn stains have disappeared, no more tangles, whiter than whites, as good as new’ • Appeal to the viewer’s self-interest • Demonstrate superiority
4. Peroratio — is that part of the structure where you state the pay-off or benefit of adopting the recommended course of action — you get the job, mom-in-law appreciates you, everybody appreciates you, you look younger or transform into a handsome sexy young man!

(Financial Express tips från Clay)

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