‘The New Majority’

En intressant artikel av Richard Ambrosius med Dick Strouds kommentarer, om hur äldre konsumenter ses på i marknadsföring.

  • abandoning the stereotype-ridden “vocabulary of aging”,
  • If … perceive that “senior” means old, frail, dependent, bingo player, or other traditional stereotypes, the older mind may “exclude” … the message,
  • key is realistic people in real world activities,
  • marketing materials must resonate with the values, wants, needs and aspirations of consumers,
  • Urgency language…does not work on well-educated, experienced consumers and directive language threatens their autonomy and independence,
  • Tell context-sensitive stories,
  • Avoid hyperbole,
  • Don’t form conclusions,
  • Become a storyteller,

(50+ Marketing)

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