Radio starkt som lokalt reklammedia

I Sverige lever reklamradion ett undanskymt liv. NRJ väljer att släppa sina koncessioner på alla ställen utom i de allra största svenska städerna.

I USA är det annorlunda. Gary Fries på RAB menar att:

“Radio’s strength as a local medium continues to provide a sound footing for the industry as we anticipate activity in national to revive as the year rolls out.”

(Center for Media Research)

Samtidigt visar det sig att Clear Channel tänker dra ner på reklamtiden:

the nation’s largest owner of radio stations basically conceded it has overdone the commercials. San Antonio-based Clear Channel Radio, which owns six Pittsburgh-area radio stations and 1,200 nationwide, said it will cut the amount of ad time per hour and the length of commercials packed into one ad break starting in January.


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