– competition in the Wi-Fi market will remain fierce. Established names, such as Intel, Microsoft and Cisco, will lead the charge. There are currently approximately 60 Wi-Fi chip startups, and some are already dropping out of the game.

– bankers are using the Web increasingly to reach more affluent, educated and loyal customers, and also as a tool to retain existing customers, with services such as online bill payment, mortgages and financial planning.

– North American mobile market will likely be the world hotbed of growth and innovation in the short-to-medium-term, and in many respects will leapfrog a number of the Western European and Asian markets.

– last year, 81.2 million Internet users in the US made an online purchase. This number is expected to grow to 86.5 million online buyers in the US by the end of 2004, spending $72.60 Billion.

(Mediapost Research)

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